Xbox Live Broadband Speed Requirements for the Biggest Games

Witch is the minimum speed of Internet connection that I should use for a good XBOX Live connection?384/128 kbps768/128 kbps1.5 mb/128 kbps What download speeds are we supposed to see on Xbox live I had 50 mbps down internet and I was seeing about 50mbps down. Just upgraded to 400 mbps internet, and disappointingly, at least on my first big game download from Xbox Live, I'm still seeing about 50 mbps down. Also, everything else in the chain is capable of better, for example my PC over wifi speedtests at ~210 mbps. Ideal Internet Speed for XBL? - Xbox Association - GameSpot I have 20mbps down/2mbps up so i can run multiple xbox's on live when my friends come over, but my one friend played on a DSL connection that was 1.5mbps down/256k up for years and never had any

How to get the best Xbox game streaming experience on PC

Xbox One uses your Internet connection to do all kinds of things, even when you are not playing games. It will use it to check for updates, to display content, to log in to Skype and many other activities. When you play multiplayer games, it is critical that your Internet connection works well and that […]

Final Fantasy XIV Recommended Internet Speed: 6Mbps. In-game focus: FFXIV is all about timing. Steady upload speed is needed to keep up consistency with casting during fights. Type: Group (5 people), Raid (10 people) Quest logic: Symmetrical Internet speeds can pay off big with The Ultimate Weapon or Heavensward.

Mar 30, 2009 Why are my Xbox Live download speeds so slow compared to