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Should improved equipment be refunded in bonds with Aug 25, 2015 Tanks - As a result, seemingly old and out-of-date tanks, some of which pre-date World War II, can be a threat to modern armored and mechanized forces. Systems-related trends can be divided among mobility World of Tanks - Working as Intended Ep 41 Sandbox Working as Intended Ep 41 Sandbox Equipment 2.0 ROUND 2 and Sheriff Hunt Working as Intended Episode 40: Not Actually Working as Intended

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Equipment - World of Tanks Equipment is a category of additional systems, parts, and components that can improve a vehicle's combat characteristics and minimize its weaknesses.. In World of Tanks, there are three types of equipment: standard, improved and bounty.Standard equipment is divided into removable and complex equipment types and can be purchased for credits. Equipment - Global wiki. 48 rows