the Swiss Banking Secrecy Law was not introduced in 1934 but was merely reinforced at that time. Second, and more important, in the present state of research it has by no means been established that Swiss ruling circles-by this term, we refer to the government circles and main

Swiss Banking Secrecy Law Prior to 1934 Since the end of the nineteenth century, the practice of secrecy has been deeply rooted in Swiss banking activity. At the time, this practice was based on tradition rather than on a concrete law or set of laws. Sev-eral laws existed that could be used as a legal basis for the practice of banking secrecy. Swiss banking secrecy nears end following new tax rules Jan 02, 2017 Asset Protection and Swiss Banking Secrecy

Aug 05, 2010

Swiss Bank Secrecy is Dead - Again! - Premier Offshore Swiss bank secrecy, and banking privacy the world over, are dead and gone! The banks of Switzerland are bowing down to the United States yet again…Swiss bank secrecy is dead and gone again. The difference this time is that basically all Swiss banks are paying up, not just those with branches in the United States.

For information on global bank secrecy laws, see Practice Note, Global Bank Secrecy Laws: Overview (W-002-8052). SWITZERLAND BANK SECRECY LEGAL FRAMEWORK Article 47 of the Swiss Federal Act on Banks and Savings Banks (amended 2016) (Banking Act), is the primary law governing bank secrecy in Switzerland. Those disclosing customer data in

Swiss Bank Secrecy: The Facts - Swiss bank secrecy laws aim to protect bank customers and their privacy. This guide provides basic insights into Swiss bank secrecy laws. Although the term bank secrecy is commonly used to describe Swiss banking discretion laws, experts generally use the more accurate term “bank customer secrecy”.