Feb 04, 2016 · Give both APs the same network name (SSID), the same security type (WPA2-PSK recommended), and the same wireless security passphrase. Many clients assume that these kinds of settings will be the same across all APs with the same SSID. If you just set that up it will use the best AP around (when the end-user device commits it's periodically

I have two routers, one wireless connected to ISP1 with optical cable, and the second one connected to ISP2. The second router is cisco 860 series, i will configure ACL lists and zone based firewall on it, so it need to be the router connected to the switch. How do i connect the two routers to share same network? two wireless routers on separate network conflict. If both the routers are set as DHCP, especially if they are giving out the same ranges of IP's than its going to conflict all over the place. If two or more wireless network are placed close to one another, then they can interfere with each other if: They use the same operating frequency (2.4 GHz or 5 GHz). A wireless router can send the wireless signal using a set channel, from 1 to 11 or 13 (depending on the router model and where it is sold). You can easily see the impact in performance by setting up a wireless network and enabling WDS bridge in it, since it's a shared medium, max throughput will be cut in half (Theoretically, could be less). Gotta add that 802.11n standard employs 40 Mhz width channels, that means that the AP using the channel 1, could also be using the channel 5. Using two routers, each of which can provide coverage over a specific area, can extend the total wireless coverage available in your home, something that can be particularly useful in a large Simultaneous Dual-band Network Routers. As contrasted to the first type, these routers can broadcast or transmit the two wireless bands at the same time. Thus, when you connect to the WiFi, your mobile phone, tablet, computer, and other devices will recognize the two networks. Through that, you can choose what network to use and set up on your Nov 12, 2003 · Setting Up. Figure 1 shows the basic network configuration, which is based on the setup I used for my community center project. It uses three routers - one to share the Internet, and two more to

However, other routers serve up the 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands under the same wifi network name: Devices then connect to whichever band is strongest at any given position in your home (if a device only

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It depends on what you mean. Here are a few definitions I’ll use: Modem = A device to convert a signal (usually one provided by an ISP) into one that can be understood by another device, for example, the router. Router = A device for connecting up Using 2 routers on the same coaxial cable - Verizon Fios WHAT I WANT TO DO-I want to set up a secondary wireless network in a different area of the property that has a coaxial cable already run. I also have another router that I bought at a yard sale for 5 bucks YES, 5 BUCKS, that is identical to the Verizon supplied router, NIB … Setup a Second Wireless Router on Your Home Network Jul 25, 2011 How to connect two / three / four routers working Connect two, three, four, five routers in one network, extend wired local network, increase Wi-Fi wireless coverage. Serge's Computer Services Toronto and GTA. We provide exceptional quality online remote computer repair services on demand.