Jun 27, 2016

Chromecast built-in - Apps - Google Search Chromecast built-in is a technology that lets you cast your favorite entertainment and apps from your phone, tablet or laptop right to your TV or speakers. Chromecast Enabled Apps - Google Store Chromecast enabled apps let you stream movies, music and videos to your TV from your Pixel phone, Google Home, Pixel Slate or other device. 20 Things You Didn't Know Your Chromecast Could Do | PCMag Sep 06, 2019 Apps for Chromecast - Your Chromecast Guide - Google Play

Dec 11, 2017

How to use Google Chromecast from your iPad to stream

Jul 22, 2019

How To Use Google Chromecast with Android | JoyofAndroid.com If you have a Google Chromecast, you’ll be amazed at what you can do with it using your Android smartphone or tablet. Thanks to Chromecast, Android phone users can now use their devices as a remote control to do various things while using their TV as the screen.